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      We offer a large range of balconette bras that fit everything from small to large cups. Balconette bra with removable straps, self-adhesive and sensual balconette bra in lace or fabric. We have balconette bras in several possible models that suit all occasions. Balconette bra with a deeper cut and which at the same time gives the bust a natural lift and support. Choose from several of our exclusive and carefully selected brands!

      common questions

      A balconette bra works with almost any garment! It works perfectly for those of you who like to wear tank tops or low-cut clothes. We have several balconette bras in different models, which will suit everything you are looking for. With nice little details that look super nice under the blouse and at the same time provide good support and lift!

      A balconette bra provides lifting support on the bust and gives it a round and nice shape. Balconette bra also gives a good lift without its shoulder straps and works with most garments. We have balconette bras for every occasion, from elegant to colorful models!

      No! Not all balconette bras have removable straps. We have several models with removable bands and also fixed ones, if you are unsure contact us for advice!

      It's a matter of taste! Thin lace balconettes can sometimes only be nice and airy, but if you're looking for something that gives more support and lifts the bust, padded balconette bras may be for you! Many of our balconette bras are thinly padded and at the same time provide good support and nicely center the bust.