Dressing gowns


      Are you perhaps looking for the perfect gift? We have a carefully selected assortment with several models to choose from, everything from soft and warm dressing gowns to more airy and thin kimonos. Our range is everything from 100% cotton to 100% silk. We have something for everyone!

      common questions

      It usually depends on the material the dressing gown is made of. We recommend that you wash cotton bathrobes at 40 degrees. In order not to wear out the cotton fibers, it is also recommended that the washing machine is half full. Also wash the dressing gown together with the same colors to prevent it from discolouring or becoming stained by other garments. If the dressing gown is 100% silk, follow the instructions on the care label inside the garment.

      Remove grease stains with a micro towel or paper towel. dissolve olive soap or bile soap in warm water, put a towel under the garment so that it does not pass through to the other side of the garment. Gently rub the stain in several rounds. Then wash the garment in a laundry bag in a machine or hand wash, preferably what the care label recommends.