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No bust is the same!

Your bust is as unique as you are, that's wonderful. In our world, there are no limits when it comes to models, fit or feel. To find a bra that fits you, you should think about the circumference, the cup and the shoulder straps. In addition, you should feel strong and beautiful!

The girth and cup:

Start by measuring the circumference around both back and chest. Preferably wear a thin bra with an underwire that gives a good lift. Then measure the cup at the fullest place. Then measure the circumference around the back where the underband of the bra sits, just below the bust. Let's say you measure 90 cm across the back and chest, and 74 cm in the back under the bust. In that case, your bra size is approx. 75 B. If you measure larger in the circumference, increase to a suitable circumference. If you measure, for example, 86 cm in the back, you should order a bra with 85 in circumference. The cup will also be larger if the measurement over the bust is larger.

Shoulder straps and fit:

Learn what is the right size for you. When you receive your bra and try it on for the first time, we ask you to adjust the shoulder straps. This can be decisive for the selected bra size to fit. The circumference should be stable when the bra is new and the breast should fit in the cup. The cup should neither push the chest in nor gape.

Get help finding the right bra:

We advise and help you so that you find the right one both in product information and via our customer service. If you receive your product and the size does not fit, you can return the product or change to another size. The right size means that your bra fits comfortably, gives a nice shape and good support all day.

balconette bra

This model lifts your bust straight from below and fits most sizes and bust types. It is available with or without a molded cup, and with or without extra filling. The shoulder straps often sit further out on the shoulders and the underwire goes up a bit between the bust. The balconette is nice with necklines because it shows part of the bust. It is slightly lower in the cup than a full cup and is perceived to give a round shape to the bust.

full cup bra

This model is distinguished by the fact that it covers the entire bust. A perfect bra for those who want to keep their bust in place. The bust stays inside the bra no matter how you move, which is why the full cup is particularly popular with customers who have a slightly looser bust. The bra is available with or without a molded cup, and is often designed to provide good support. The full cup works on most sizes and is usually most appreciated by customers with larger busts.

plunge bra

This model is a bra for you who want a lift from the side towards the middle. The underwire ends early between the bust and depending on your bust, the plunge may or may not create a gap. Most customers feel that our plunge models do not push the bust in a way that causes the bust to come together and create cleavage. V-neck bras like this are great under v-neck tops, even under other garments, both tight and loose. A plunge usually has no extra filling in the bra and is usually not experienced as making the bust bigger, as a push up can do.

minimizer bra

This model is a bra for those who want their breasts to feel and look a little smaller. A minimizer fits well under your clothes as they are usually smooth in the cup. If you want lace, there are many bras in our range that also provide a reducing effect. Many customers like to wear minimizers as a bra in everyday life as they are stable and comfortable. Here, the bra is meant to give a nice shape to the bust even if it reduces, not just flatten your bust. Many of our customers use their minimizer under loose, airy clothing or tight shirts that can be difficult to button.

push up bra

This model usually has an extra pillow in the bra, which gives the bust a little extra, or extra fullness, depending on the model. A push up bra lifts the bust upwards and towards the middle. Many customers appreciate this model under v-neck tops or tight clothes. Available with lighter push up function or more extreme push.

strapless bra

This model is for those who do not want shoulder straps. On some models, you can remove the shoulder straps when it suits you, while other models are designed as strapless. Strapless bras work on all sizes. If you have a large bust, you should choose a really firm model.

breastfeeding bra

This model suits you who are breastfeeding. Our nursing bras are available with or without underwire. These comfortable bras in soft materials have a button function at the shoulder strap that you can open, which simplifies your breastfeeding.

longline bra

This model is equipped with extra fabric that goes down under the bust. Because this bra is wider in the back, it is perceived by many as extra stable around the circumference. Longline bras go very well under transparent clothes.

Breast implants

Different surgeons have different guidelines, but a few points we have noticed work for most customers. Your first bra after your healing bra should hold the implants in place. We recommend that the underwire hugs your bust tightly. Feel free to choose a bra without padding and absolutely no pillow in the side. Some models we recommend here are Fantasie Smoothing without a padded cup, PrimaDonna Divine (for E cup and up) and Abecita Iris or any of the other unpadded bras under the Implants category. If you have smaller implants, you can choose the Avero unpadded bra. When after a few months you can start using bras freely, and want the implants to be brought in towards the middle in a tasteful way, we recommend the Freya Deco bras, one of our absolute best-selling bra models for girls with implants as it creates a silhouette many desire.


This model is a bra without underwire in metal under the cup. On some models there is a reinforcement, for example in the side of the bra, which gives you better support and a nicer fit.

Sports bra

This model provides extra support for those who are going to train. Some of our customers like to wear these bras outside of their workout as well. Our sports bras are available with or without underwire, but our best sellers are the sports bras without underwire.