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      Bodysuits and corsets are something our hearts beat a little extra for at La Leia. It's because we love the combination of underwear and clothes. With us, you will find everything from shaping corsets as part of a set, seductive bodysuits that you can also wear as a top to a jacket or cardigan or why not alone to a pair of high trousers or jeans? Our bodysuits come in all colors and for all shapes, black lace bodysuit, white lace bodysuit for the wedding or summer parties, floral bodysuit, silk bodysuit with beautiful details and shapewear bodysuit that holds in and gives support where you want it.

      common questions

      You don't have to wear panties underneath - but then the body is washed after use. Most often, it is about what you yourself feel safe in and how the body fits in many cases. If you have a nice and delicate body, it can be a shame because it wears some of the fabric when washing.

      Obvious!! We offer several bodysuits in different models and can be just as stylish as a top under trousers, skirt or blouse!

      A corset is a French undergarment that today has become increasingly common to wear as a top! The corset was mainly created to be able to shape the bust and hips. Today there are several ways to wear a corset and there are several models and lengths to suit what is in demand!

      A corset is for a tight fit depending on what is required. However, it should never sit so that you have difficulty breathing or are in pain!