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      We have world-leading brands in sports bras, tank tops and training tights. We have sports bras with maximum support and provide excellent support for large busts. Our training clothes are available in several models and styles. Nice patterns and colors for different occasions!

      common questions

      A sports bra should fit much tighter than a regular bra. This is so that the sports bra will keep the bust in place when you move. If your breasts are pushed out towards the armpit, you have chosen a size that is too small. The bust should also not be flattened, which can cause a poor fit.

      Depending on the type of fit and model that you prefer, at La Leia we have a wide range so that you can choose from several models and materials. One of the big favorites is precisely the sport bra from Shock Absorber, which primarily provides good support for large and heavy busts. We offer more sports bras from other brands such as Freya, PrimaDonna & Elomi which consist of a variety of supportive and technologically advanced sports underwear and are designed in two activity levels to ensure you choose the right support for the sport you play.

      How long a sports bra lasts is hard to say, it depends a lot on how often it is used and how often it is washed. Over time, the elasticity of the material becomes worse in sports bras. we recommend replacing your sports bra every 6-12 months depending on how much you use it.

      If there is no washing advice on the inside of the sports bra, we usually recommend delicate washing at 30 degrees for sports clothes and sports bras. If you are unsure what applies to your sports bra, just contact customer service or visit our stores!