Lounge wear, cozy wear or as part of your outfit!

      A kimono is the perfect thin garment to wrap around when you don't want to feel so undressed. The modern kimono is an adaptation of the traditional Japanese garment and is tied around, making it easy to throw on when you need a little extra body. A thin kimono in a lovely color is perfect for a happier home outfit. Choose a deeper color like red or black for a sexier look or a white for that very special day; your wedding day.

      Some of our kimonos come in thinner, more luxurious materials such as silk, velor or silk and feel a bit more luxurious, but even those in 100% cotton are beautiful and luxurious because the cotton is of the finest quality. It is smart to have both models in the wardrobe, so that you can alternate according to need, feeling and season.

      Don't forget that a kimono is perfect to match with other nightwear such as nightgowns, shorts, pajama pants, slippers and socks. In this way, you get a stylish, trendy and cozy home look that you can feel both comfortable and sexy in. Also match a thin, short kimono with an irresistible underwear set.

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      A kimono is a Japanese garment that can be worn by anyone, and is most commonly worn during weddings in Japanese cultures. A kimono is usually made of thin fabric and works just as well in winter as in summer. Our kimonos are available in both 100% silk and 100% cotton. There are several models and lengths to choose from, everything to suit your needs!

      We at La Leia think that kimonos can be worn for any occasion. A kimono can be super stylish over an outfit, swimwear or just as a cozy piece at home! Sometimes a thinner and lighter version of the dressing gown is also preferred, and also keeps you warm during the winter months.

      If you like thinner and shorter models, we have fantastic kimonos from both Auabde and Italian Luna di Seta. Or maybe you prefer a longer version in silk velvet from Danish Vibeke Scott? Or the very popular kimonos from Italian Bassetti that many people use as beachwear too. Kimono for the wedding day with matching variations for your bridesmaids in white or any lovely color is a must. A kimono can be used for so many different occasions that only your imagination sets the limits. It's also a perfect piece to layer with during the warmer months when a thicker bathrobe or fluffy dressing gown feels too much. La Leia has a large selection of kimonos in classic styles and trendy models, so you can easily find what you are looking for!